Top 10 Wedding Venues in New Jersey

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Planning your dream wedding in New Jersey? Finding the perfect venue is a crucial first step, and we’re here to help! New Jersey offers a diverse range of wedding venues, from charming historic estates to picturesque beachfront locales. In this guide, we’ll unveil the top 10 wedding venues in New Jersey that promise to make your special day unforgettable.

1. The Estate at Florentine Gardens: A Timeless Romance

Nestled in the heart of River Vale, this historic estate exudes timeless elegance and charm. With its stunning gardens, grand ballroom, and impeccable service, The Estate at Florentine Gardens is the epitome of a classic wedding venue.

2. The Park Chateau Estate & Gardens: Luxury Redefined

Experience opulence at its best at The Park Chateau Estate & Gardens in East Brunswick. This venue boasts European-inspired architecture, lush gardens, and a grand ballroom, making it perfect for couples seeking a lavish wedding.

3. Bonnet Island Estate: A Seaside Paradise

For those dreaming of a beachfront wedding, Bonnet Island Estate in Manahawkin is a dream come true. This private coastal retreat offers breathtaking ocean views and a charming boathouse chapel for a romantic ceremony.

4. The Ashford Estate: Rustic Elegance

Set on a sprawling 30-acre estate in Allentown, The Ashford Estate combines rustic charm with modern luxury. Its barn-style ballroom and picturesque grounds provide a stunning backdrop for your big day.

5. Nanina’s in the Park: Italian-inspired Splendor

Step into a world of Italian-inspired romance at Nanina’s in the Park in Belleville. This venue features enchanting gardens, marble fountains, and a majestic ballroom, perfect for a fairytale wedding.

6. The Ryland Inn: Farm-to-Table Chic

Located in Whitehouse Station, The Ryland Inn offers a unique blend of rustic charm and farm-to-table cuisine. With its historic barn and beautifully landscaped grounds, it’s an idyllic spot for a countryside wedding.

7. The Palace at Somerset Park: Grandeur Unveiled

Elegance knows no bounds at The Palace at Somerset Park. Situated in Somerset, this venue boasts a majestic ballroom, lush gardens, and exquisite cuisine, ensuring a regal wedding experience.

8. The Madison Hotel: Timeless Sophistication

For a wedding with a touch of timeless sophistication, consider The Madison Hotel in Morristown. Its classic architecture, elegant ballrooms, and impeccable service make it a top choice for couples.

9. The Wilshire Grand Hotel: Modern Glamour

In West Orange, The Wilshire Grand Hotel offers modern glamour and top-notch amenities. With its sleek design, chic ballroom, and superb hospitality, it’s perfect for a contemporary wedding celebration.

10. The Venetian: Palatial Grandeur

End your venue search with The Venetian in Garfield. This palatial space features opulent chandeliers, a grand staircase, and exquisite cuisine, ensuring a wedding fit for royalty.


New Jersey boasts a plethora of remarkable wedding venues to suit every couple’s taste and style. Whether you envision an intimate garden ceremony or a grand ballroom affair, these top 10 wedding venues in New Jersey promise to create memories that will last a lifetime. Start your journey towards marital bliss by choosing the perfect setting for your special day!